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81 Trillion

Global investable real estate

In Germany, almost 40% of the total investment transaction volume is traded off-market. However, efficient access to global off-market real estate trading depends heavily on the company's own limited network and is constrained by a lack of local expertise and traditional business practices. Offmade is changing this.

Our digital off-market matching platform enables you to source and close high-quality and discrete deals nationally and internationally. With Offmade, we bundle the entire transaction process and ensure streamlined communication and the integration of all stakeholders. We take off-market online.
We take off-market online.

Reasons for Offmade

Offmade combines the advantages of off-market transactions with a powerful digital platform für buyers, sellers and brokers
Software-based 3-step security verification of each user
Anonymous matching process and data encryption for high level of confidentiality for your transactions
Individual levels of disclosure of property and contact information
Low risk of "dead-deal-cost" due to our qualified pre-selection
High certainty of closure and fast transactions for buyers
As a a result, statistically up to 10% higher sales prices for sellers
Automated matching process
Algorithm-based user verification replace
Thus no lenghty, manual searches for real estate and suitable business partners
No need for public bidding procedures (statistically, 75% of all submitted bids without intent to buy)
Strong discretion, valued by 91% of buyers and sellers
Flexibility in deal structuring options
High efficiency
2x higher probability of closing compared to on-market transactions

Step by step


Registration and verification

When you have requested exclusive access to your offmade account, it will be verified by our 3-step security system. Offmade verifies each user's identity, track record and liquidity for a secure, discrete and confidential matching of all parties.

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Track Record

Create search profile


Create a search profile

Create individual search and investment profiles for all asset classes based on property-specific criteria. All your data and search criteria are stored securely and encrypted. For quality assurance purposes, you will only find properties on our platform for which proof of ownership is submitted, an exclusive commission or a qualified exclusive commission.

Matching and connecting

Our intelligent matching algorithm automatically and anonymously compares all properties checked by us according to your individual search and investment profiles and calculates a matching score. For matching offers, only basic information and the security level of the seller are visible. Only if both parties wish to proceed, further data and contact information can be individually passed on. This way we ensure that your off-market searches remain off-market.

Search profile

We digitize the industry

Our mission at Offmade is to transform the global real estate industry through professional digital solutions. With the platform developed by Offmade, we digitize the entire transaction process.

Matching buyers and sellers with included security verification


Virtual data room with watermark


Data preparation and automatic exposé creation


Real estate valuation by certified real estate experts




Connecting legal services


Transmission of the transaction to a notary

Sales and investment focus

Offmade's focus lies exclusively in attractive properties and high quality buyers who must meet our sales and investment profile.

Commercial / Investment

Properties from EUR 1 Million
to EUR 500+ Million
Search and investment profiles from EUR 1 Million to EUR 500+ Million
Location: worldwide
Built / Planned / Under construction
Asset-classes: Commercial, investment, special and operator run properties, portfolio


Properties from EUR 1 Million
Search and investment profiles from EUR 1 Million
Location: worldwide
Built / Planned / Under construction
Asset-classes: Residential, plots, new building projects

We only accept qualified real estate:

Proof of ownership
Other proof

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The future is off-market.

„More and more transactions are carried out in off-market deals. [Both] buyers and sellers are turning away from public bidding procedures and broad market approaches. The reason: These take too much time - and all too often fail.“


„Many investors recognize the advantages of off-market real estate over listed properties, for a number of reasons. […] Sellers are drawn to the private, streamlined process […] from serious buyers, while buyers enjoy elite access to off-market inventory.“

- Forbes

"Off-market transactions have a much larger volume than previously assumed. […] Almost all market participants are showing interest. […] Bidding procedures cost a lot of time and effort. This is lost if you don't close the deal.“

- Börsen-Zeitung